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Staying Safe Online

Why the Facebook case matters to you

About Us

Safetya is an online safety campaign by TechNation and Facebook. Safetya is aimed at creating a massive awareness about how people, especially youth, can be safer online. We disseminate the safety information through events, workshops, social media, and this online platform. Safetya will be launched through an inaugural ceremony in Kabul and will spread to Herat, Jalalabad, Mazar-e-Sharif and Kandahar. Safetya will run for six months, at its pilot phase, where it aims to create awareness among and educate Afghan citizens on online safety measures, safety-guides provided by social media networks, and how people safer online, especially on social media. Safetya works with diverse partners, including media outlets, prominent activists, bloggers, journalists, members of civil society and the private sector, to leverage its web portal and social media accounts for spreading the campaign messages across various communities in Afghanistan.


The Mission of Safetya is to make Internet a safer place for Afghans. The goal of the Safetya is to create awareness and education among male and female internet-user communities in Afghanistan on online safety, this includes education on Facebook safety tools and policies.

Safetya Plans to:

Hold ongoing workshops in universities and schools- for students and teenagers, and hold a public event and invite prominent activists, bloggers, journalists, members of civil society;

Focus on the value of the online platforms-- social, economic as well as political; Give an introduction to Facebook policies and how these policies help to keep people safer online.

Give an introduction to Facebook policies and how these policies help to keep people safer online.

Have interactive sessions on reporting violating content, share experiences of counter-speech, views and narratives;

Why Safetya

Thousands of our citizens are cyber-victimized on daily-basis, this includes men, women, and children. Politicians, government officials, and active members of civil society, private sector have been victims of cyber-criminal behavior. They are harassed by people using real or fake accounts. Women have complained about being harassed, their pictures and personal information were misused or were defamed by having illicit relations with people they didn't know. They were sent extremely abusive messages, blackmailed and even were threatened of rape. Issues like these turned social media into a harassing tool against Afghan women and men. Safetya meaning “greetings” and “safety” was created to address this end. It creates awareness and educates people on various online safety measures, such as sharing guidelines and information on encryption. It helps with research and and creating advocacy tools for women rights online, gathers feedback and reports incidences, and helps legal and policy bodies with access to information related to online safely and hazards.

Institutions Behind

Safetya is an initiative by TechNation, a Kabul-based technology, education and consulting company. TechNation has conducted number of awareness sessions on online safety in Kabul, including celebrating the International Safer Internet Day. Facebook joined TechNation to expand the campaign to schools, universities and provinces.


Steering Commitee

Comprised of volunteers from project partners to provide strategic direction and support to the project.

Safetya Management Team

Omar Mansoor Ansari

Safetya Campaign Manager View Bio

Ziaullah Momand

Safetya Technical Lead View Bio

Interact and Learn

Safetya identifies stories, case studies, best practices, guidelines, and creates dialogue shared widely to help citizens understand what issues are affecting the social media users and how are they able to address challenges.

Case Studies

Cases and case studies, interviews, and other important information.


Don’t know how to be safer online. Check some of our safety guides here.


Watch stories and experiences from others, including interviews, debates and discussions with experts.


Looking for answers, want to share experiences? Our Safety Forum provides the best resource for you.


Reports from us and others who are working on online safety issues, to learn how we have been doing.


Here are some more resources for you to check. They include text, video and audio guidelines, policies and tutorials.

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